Emotions in transit

“I wanted to control it / But love, I couldn’t hold it

Quite possibly the best song and video of the year. Utterly brilliant. Inescapably infectious. Totally Grade A songwriting.

My Maudlin Career, Camera Obscura’s fourth studio album was released second quarter of the year but I’ve only managed to give it a listen over the weekend. At ang ganda ganda ganda as in.

It only looks ill-advised to place French Navy, the album’s tightest cut, as the first song, as it somewhow dwarfs the subsequent tracks.

French Navy – I can’t play the video without watching it for a minimum of five times in a row.

Three reasons why this video is completely priceless;

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui

2. You could actually hear Joey Fatone singing here

3. Lance bass kissing Chriqui…


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