Metallica releases new album

Death Magnetic is the musical equivalent of Russia’s invasion of Georgia — a sudden act of aggression from a sleeping giant.


2 thoughts on “Metallica releases new album

  1. pucha, along with the eraserheads, metallica yung kinalakihan kong banda..binili ko pa talaga yung tape nung classic black album nila..pinag-do-drawing ko pa yung mga nakalagay sa cover leaf..pero after nung black album, naging pedestrian na sila..good to know na may bago silang album na (at least from this review) worth buying and listening to..mabuhay ang mga metal!! hehe

  2. maka-metallica ka pala ah, ako rin, pero nung time na lumabas black album, mas pinakinggan ko yung use your illusion ng gnr, hehe. tama ka, anticlimactic na after black album, sana nga maganda talaga tong bago nila

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