John Stewart on Sarah Palin’s GOP supporters

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Galeng talaga ni John Stewart.

I think every Filipino worth his salt should find time to watch ABS-CBN’s recent documentary regarding the Ninoy assasination, (It is now uploaded on youtube) as well as read Fe Zamora’s seven-part report on the same topic.

I also found Ken Kashiwahara’s account on the final moments of Ninoy in the New York Times. Kashiwahara is Ninoy’s brother in law and was with him on the plane before Ninoy was gunned down in the tarmac.

Please also read Sir Luis Teodoro’s recent column, “Heroes.”

Revolutions are after all waged by the millions — and heroes made by vast constituencies: by the nameless men and women who, confronting police batons, tear gas, water cannon, and even guns, create and imbue leaders with the courage, the sense of community and the single-minded purpose that enable them to be the faces and voices of protest and change. To our sorrow ours does not seem to be a heroic age; and we do not have — we have actually lost — the constituencies that once made heroes of ordinary and flawed mortals.

This is pretty functional.

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7 thoughts on “John Stewart on Sarah Palin’s GOP supporters

  1. got to watch the abs ninoy documentary when it was shown last august 21…in fairness, ok of the rare times na nagustuhan ko ang dokyung pinoy..kaso may pagka-accusatory e..instead of purely stating the facts they gathered, parang it proclaimed marcos na as the true mastermind of it all without the benefit of a trial (although it is true na there’s a strong case to be made na sya nga)

    ayus yung how to data a japanese girl ah.. very useful..hoho..baka may link ka jan on “how to date a pure-blooded Filipina”? share mo naman.. kelangang-kelangan ko lang..hehehe

  2. and one more thing…if ferdinand marcos was, in fact, the mastermind of ninoy’s assassination, i’d be very disappointed sa kanya..actually, i don’t think siya yung mastermind nun e

  3. i don’t hold him in high esteem..but one thing we can’t deny is he was a brilliant (and cunning) man.. disappointed ako in a sense na kung siya yung may pakana nung assassination na yun, parang napaka-“unbrilliant” nung pag-plano at pagkaka-execute.. for a man as brilliant and as cunning as him, i’d expect nothing less than a clandestine assassination plan.. yung tipong sobrang linis talaga at walang loopholes..

  4. ako rin tingin ko hind si marcos yung may pakana, parang wala na siya sa tamang ulirat nun eh, pinutakte na ng sakit, e yung plano sa pagpatay sobrang methodical. parang pinaka-likely na yung mga taong may ambisyon at nagpplanong maghari post-marcos ang nag-utos. pero ewan din, wala talagang conclusive na evidence, sabi nga dun sa report ni fe zamora, “key players brought their secrets to the grave.”

    wala ako pare nun eh, pero malamang si don gamay yan, si doctor love yun, tanungin natin sa sabado hehe

    hmm, parang magkaiba tayo ng impression re: abs docu

    aga mo magising ah! hehe

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