Fukuda as Nobita

While I was searching the net for articles regarding the recent resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, I’ve come across this.

The writer of the post hoped that the similarities ended with the facial attributes and the similar sound of “Nobita” and “Fukuda” when read in Chinese as Nobita is

the biggest loser of all anime history. Nobita is clumsy, crys a lot, gets zeros on all his tests, sucks at all sports, and always gets bullied by Jyian and Suneo. He is the boy that Doraemon helps A LOT. He is the one that messes up everything that Doraemon gives him. Now that I think of it, Doraemon is pretty stupid to give him all the gadgets. Without the help of Doraemon, he would probably be dead right now.

After Fukuda exited government with under a year in office (following Shinzo Abe who resigned with only a year in office) in a record-low approval rating, with a host of unsettled domestic issues–like their sputtering economy and widespread allegatations of corruption–to boot, could the second largest economy in the world manage to find its Doraemon to clear the mess before it’s too late? Before China manages to overtake them?

I love Doraemon by the way.

Fukuda’s resignation shortly follows the exit of Pakistan President Pervez Musharaf, who threw the towel last Aug. 18 after an impeachment scare. Doesn’t that make you proud of the “determination” and “perseverance” of our dear president? 😛


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