Ellen Page + Broken Social Scene = … (<-speechless)

Takte talaga, takte takte, Ellen Page at BSS. Takte takte. Wala akong pakealam sa mga nagdi-diss kay Ellen Page ngayon dahil sikat na siya, bahala kayo. Gusto ko pa rin siya. Nung una ko siyang makita sa x-men nagustuhan ko na siya, at hanggan ngayon pag-ibig pa rin. At Broken Social Scene ang gumawa ng score nito, takte takte, ayoko na.

Proceed here for the film’s official site.

Ahhhh. Ellen Page… BSS… Ahhh… Brain Freeze… … Ah… Takte…

It is true (I think). Something we could call the law of love/hate equilibrium (pardon please the pompous stench of the phrase). This is what indie artists somewhat experience when they manage to penetrate the mainstream landscape and lose a significant portion of their original fanbase as they gain popular support. In a numerical picture, it seems that there exists a constant amount of love/hate that a certain something/someone could only receive, to a point that once someone/something receives a big amount of praise, it’s bound to happen that a considerable amount of hate would countervail the equation. Hence, the you-hate-her/him-or-you-love-her/him types.

I hope that made sense.

Scarlett Johansson unveiled last Feb a Tom Waits covers album. (How did this miss my radar) I’m holding my judgment, but Tom Waits being Tom Waits, expectations are high, with Scarlett Johansson being Scarlett Johansson notwithstanding.

The Playlist says that Johansson’s music video “Falling Down” from the album features Salman Rushdie “hitting on her and kissing her neck.”

Random: Below is Johansson singing “Just Like Honey” together with the Jesus and Mary Chain at Coachella last year. The Boleyn Girls Johansson and Natalie Portman, who has been going out with Devendra Banhart, aside from being both insanely gorgeous, have other things in common after all.

Last but not the least, My Bloody Valentine is making a comeback performance after forever-years.

Mga pare’t mare wala namang tax mangarap di ba, mangangarap na lang muna ako sa super off-chance na pagkakataon na pupunta sila dito sa Pinas at tutugtog. Pangarap lang naman eh. Siguro may rason kaya yung pangarap katunog ng mahirap tska masarap tska chicharap.


4 thoughts on “Ellen Page + Broken Social Scene = … (<-speechless)

  1. May bagong soundtrack din ang Juno na may isang kanta by Ellen Page. Weeeee! Medyo nababaliw ako sa concept ng kumakantang Scarlett Johansson pero sige ok lang, mahal ko sya!

  2. Oo hayup talaga. Good luck na lang Scarlett. Sa iTunes lang binebenta yung Juno B-Sides. Astig sya, haha, at syempre marami pang Kimya Dawson tracks.

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