Takte yan

Galing sa pex.

Bisitahin niyo ‘yung blog ni Tin may “UP version” (takte UP version amputek) rin ‘yung ad.

Di na lang po ako magco-comment.


3 thoughts on “Takte yan

  1. Mali naman ‘yung blurb. Dapat ganito: “I’m a proud management grad from UST but I feel prouder my son can happily type on his laptop without looking at the keyboard while sitting on a pile of hardbound books.”

  2. “I’m a proud Management grad from UST. But that didn’t stop me from spending our entire family’s savings on a laptop and my fancy ergonomic office chair. Now we can’t afford proper home furniture.”

    Our school should sue. 😄

  3. Sir Bimbo, may bago na palang version yan. Nakita ko sa Star habang nag-mo-monitor. Eto ang sinabi nung nanay:

    “I’m a proud graduate of UST. I’m also proud that my son is going IT at Informatics.”

    Ano ba yan, Ate! Ang inconsistent mo ha, pa-bago bago ka ng statement!

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