Takte yan

Galing sa pex.

Bisitahin niyo ‘yung blog ni Tin may “UP version” (takte UP version amputek) rin ‘yung ad.

Di na lang po ako magco-comment.


3 thoughts on “Takte yan

  1. Mali naman ‘yung blurb. Dapat ganito: “I’m a proud management grad from UST but I feel prouder my son can happily type on his laptop without looking at the keyboard while sitting on a pile of hardbound books.”

  2. “I’m a proud Management grad from UST. But that didn’t stop me from spending our entire family’s savings on a laptop and my fancy ergonomic office chair. Now we can’t afford proper home furniture.”

    Our school should sue. XD

  3. Sir Bimbo, may bago na palang version yan. Nakita ko sa Star habang nag-mo-monitor. Eto ang sinabi nung nanay:

    “I’m a proud graduate of UST. I’m also proud that my son is going IT at Informatics.”

    Ano ba yan, Ate! Ang inconsistent mo ha, pa-bago bago ka ng statement!

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