Portishead new album out

Copies of Portishead new album is now making its way into torrent streams. Haven’t listened to it yet. It has been over a decade since their last album. Didn’t know they’re still together, so this is actually great news.

Have just finished watching the two seasons of Hana Yori Dango, thanks to Joboy. And it’s way way better than the Taiwanese version. My insides are still feeling warm and fuzzy. And there is a very high level of possibility that I’ll watch the entire two seasons all over again.

Thanks to Pinoycentric for featuring the release of our third Kanto issue. Pinoycentric likewise posted Paolo’s foodtrip article in the Tag-ulan issue. Thanks Karla.

Ma Ying-jeou of the Kuomintang party wins Taiwan elections. IHT stated a few days before that independence of Taiwan is likely to wane whoever won in that elections, while Taiwan dollar surged to a decade-high after their elections.

Sino may myhappyplanet account? (Salamat Shar) Add niyo ko. Parang ang saya niya kaso natatanga pa ako eh. Hehe


6 thoughts on “Portishead new album out

  1. Di pa, yung 1 liter of tears pa lang. putek sobrang ganda (nung soap at ni erika)! nadisturb ako buong weekend yun lang iniisp ko, takte. Pinapanood ko ngayon yung hana kimi haha.

    Sinearch ko sa happy planet yung konkon11 wala.

  2. Hello Bimbo! 🙂 WordPress ka rin pala. Link kita ha? Keep up the good work at CMFR! 😉


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