ang ganda!


I saw you there, wanted you there
I knew that it was best for me

You’ve brought me back to that place in my heart I thought was gone

Oh so long I was unhappy, now it’s gone
And I’m moving on
Moving on, moving on
I’m moving on

I went for so long and I was so wrong and then I met you
And now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to
I’ve done that all my life up ’til now

Pass the evening, bring tomorrow
How could we know the night would bring us into daylight
Combinations all around us fill our heads with the love we’ve been feeling
For time long passed

I went for so long and I was so wrong and then I met you

And now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to
I’ve done that all my life up ’til now

All that time, all that time, darling, all that time
How we’ll make it up, we’ll make it up

Oh, all the days, all the days, darling, all the days

How we’ll have to make them up, we’ll make them up somehow

We’ll make them up

I went for so long and I was so wrong and then I met you

And now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to

I’ve done that all my life up ’til now

Lumbas na yung bagong album ng Eisley, Combinations, ang ganda nung kantang Combinations, I can’t speak for the entirety of the album, di ko pa nadidigest eh, pero ganda rin nung ‘Taking Control,’ at yung carrier single nila, ‘Invasion.’

Inupload nila sa myspace account yung lahat ng kanta nila sa album, bait! haha

Aliw yung sinulat nilang description ng music nila dun sa profile 🙂

Haunting but not in an evil way; not like a scary, scary clown. Folkish but not country. Catchy – like when you catch a fishy. Moody but not e-winey.
Punk Rock? not, because yesterday, a punk rock fan left a message saying, “your music sucks, eat s___ and die”

Sounds like: a kind woods troll who was kicked out of his evil hovel (insubordination)… and, while wandering about the forest floor, he stumbled upon the one and only, very Keebler Elf tree. He knocked and knocked, but only heard a shout from above:”hey…don’t you know there are grizzly’s out there?” and just threw him a mint chocolate cookie. Afer eating the cookie, he felt safe…so he sojourned on – deep, deep into the forest where he wallowed out a beautiful little home (a pine bed for slumbering); but rest assured, he always kept his GrizBlade 6000 zirconium coated machette blade beside him…just in case ole Grizz came a paw-flashin’ in the night. “with lightbulbs in our pockets, we light the darkened forest”.

Haha, Swak. Hope I can have time to write about the album. Owel. 🙂


9 thoughts on “ang ganda!

  1. ang ganda ng kantang yan. irereserve ko yan para sa susunod..:) hay-tel

    p.s. kanta ko yan sayo bim.mahal kita eh, seriously!:))

    joke lang..hahah

  2. ayoko bim. kinikilig ako.haha.
    kinikilig ako sa bwiset!:))

    your ANGEL (double entendre) tel..:D

  3. at basta makapang-asar lang! at talagang kelangan mong iemphasize na double entendre yun, hahaha. sorry di ko gets yung pun e, hahaha. ungas ka talaga tel.

  4. Konti pa lang napapakinggan ko sa songs ng Eisley, pero ok nga. Kakaiba kasi yong timbre ng boses nila.

    Ok din ang Tegan and Sara. 🙂


  5. ok talaga yun glai, cuteness pa sila, haha. try mo pa ibang songs nila, ganda 🙂

    Onga, oks din ang Tegan 🙂

  6. sir bimbo bigla ka naman nagdisappear after ng forum ng HSA sa cmc! dala ko pa naman sana yung cds nyo! wahaha. natuwa ka ba sa jokes at pag self-glorify ng isang speaker? 😀

  7. ay ganun ba, naku sorry di ko alam, haha. anong cds yan? sayang, haha, kakatuwa naman siya e, may pagkacheerful, kahit mga patayan pinag-uusapan, haha. no wonder paborito mo siyang prof, yehes 🙂

  8. yung shippuuden. gnwa kong vcd format. wala pakong nakikitang dvd e.

    cheerful pala ang adjective para sa kanya. buti na lang hndi charming.

    di ko nmn snabing yung prof a. 😛 haha

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