serious talent

(yet again another music post!)
Yeah. It’s always such a joy to discover great bands. Thanks to the internet for making the discovering part much easier.
Okay. There are two types of music that I have come to easily love. One type is the totally insane, highly energized, overly sophisticated, technologically convoluted type. The likes of which have bands that go by the names of dream theater, mars volta, the doors (yes! they were musically advanced at the time of their appearance), etc. The other is at the opposite extreme, “petite” indie bands whose beauty primarily rests on its laid back simplicity. It’s like being fascinated by Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake and Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea. The two techniques require almost the same amount of expertise, because like in writing, the effort it takes to produce a metatextual piece and a very simple and short one are quite similar. It’s like journalism and literature. Journalism, which requires practitioners to write as clearly and as simply as possible, is almost similar to the effort it takes to write a higly metaphorical piece of literature.

Okay I’m rambling. The point is that I have just discovered yet another great indie band and I just want to really write this rave post about them. Their name is Eisley and I am now their fan. My musical muscle throbs their name tho whole of this past week. I’ve stumbled upon them on the Internet and love immediately came down at first encounter. I don’t want to dawdle and bore you unfortunate reader with the band’s biography, I will not go on and say that the band is from Texas and composed of four siblings and a cousin. I won’t say that they were formed in 1997 and was inspired by bands like the Beatles, Jeremy Enigk and Radiohead. I won’t even bore you unfortunate visitor with such details that the band’s name was originally Moss Eisley, culled from the spaceport town in the Star Wars films, but was then cut short to just Eisley for copyright purposes. I won’t! Promise! But because I love them so much, I just did. Oh, how love makes you do silly things. Hahaha.

First song I heard was laughing city and what immediately drew me was the vocals. It’s so breathtakingls smooth, charming and atmospheric the sincerity is perfectly tangible. It’s like a lazy day in the park lying in the grass and all the jazz type of stuff. It’s whimsically enchanting! Very! I’m reduced to superlatives (what an oxymoron)! Cliches!

That’s just the vocals. But make me talk about the entire musical composition and I would totally look like a complete nut. But one last thing, the lyrics are so charmingly sweet. They make such beautiful poetry, (I cut the moon in half/And stuck a piece to my hair/It made the back of my head glow) from Plenty of Paper, and also manage to get away with seemingly mundane lyrics, (let’s not fight/that is not nice)from Laughing City, one of the band’s major single.

This is just awesome great music. Pardon my incoeherence. Love has a way of blurring your sanity.


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