serious death sentence

Talk is that You tube is going to share part of its revenue generated from advertisement to its users. Now this could herald a much welcomed paradigm shift in terms of artist-audiece relationship, that has long been bannered by movie and audio piracy. The direct artist-audience interaction would be very beneficial to both parties, mainly for the reason that prices would be cheap, way way cheap. The death knell for the worthless mediator that is the corporate marketing companies, which are the ones mostly responsible for the high cost of products, is now within earshot.

Who ain’t pestered by the jeepney barkers we all encounter everyday? In a room of 10, bet that I can reach a vote of 11 that these barkers, or dispatchers as some would dare euphemize the term, are something we all could do without. But of course, that would entail some extra work for the driver, but which actually is not much-say like counting how many seats are left or calling passengers. If only the driver would be willing to shed the extra sweat, he could pocket what he was once giving to the barker and save us all passengers the irritation of being pestered by these barkers.

Well, aren’t all these corporate marketing industries nothing but glorified barkers? All they do is provide mileage, which the artist could now very well take up on his own, thanks no less to the global community that is the internet. The continuing success of indie bands is a proof to how the relevance of these corporate structures is slowly being rendered obsolete. My space (for musicians) and you tube (for almost everyone) are just two of the new marketing tools for artists, count there also the proliferation of blogs and now you got a global three dimensional elbow room for everyone. Just one click and an artist in Asia can promote his wares the world over, with just a fraction of the cost it would take if he was marketed by BMG records or Universal or what.

More than cutting costs, the shrinking space between artist and audience also signals a more personal interaction between the two. It strips the corporate make-up of the aritst and allows the audience to approach him in a more personal level. Think of the kilometric red-tape, courtest of company protocols, one has to go through if an ordinary fan would like to score a chat with his favorite celeb. With the web community, it allows the artist and audience more room for interaction, and hence, appreciation of each other.

I’m being optimistic here. But you can’t blame me, after shelling big chunks of cash for albums that only have one or two songs that puts the repeat button on my player to some use.

This retrenching of the consumer landscape could also foretell an uplifting of aesthetics in terms of production. For one, artists would be free to produce material on their own time and convenience, unencumbered by the pressure of completing an album contract for a label company under limited time, only to produce ten-track albums with 10 fillers.

All of this just points to the elimination of an unwanted player in the field, the unnecessary go-between, the needless relay point.
You know how things always end up in a mess when some “bridge” goes between you and your prospected partner. Well I know! haha. That’s why I’m all for eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in any relationship and just establish direct communication between the sender and receiver. (Note though that there exists a thin line between an intermediary and a gatekeeper)

Geometry directs us to the elementary lesson: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


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