the 10:10 conspiracy

ever noticed why analog clock advertisements are always set at 10:10? or sometimes 10:08? that’s something weird. something that clock companies are so particular with but something i highly doubt anybody even notices. why?

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based from my inanely functioning prehistoric body part that goes by the name of brain, 10 seems to be a number that represents fullness. man tends to associate groups by chunks, and when seeing clusters, he groups them according to collective odd numers that usually goes by the multiples of five, like five apples, ten apples, 15 apples, 20 apples. it’s like, it’s easier to picture and work with ten pesos than thirteen, kumbaga walang butal.

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also, ten seems to be the last number in the normal order of nominal progression that goes like zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, sever, eight, nine, and ten. then everything that follows just goes by the permutation of such numbers. (although you could argue that ten is a combination of zero and one, but what the heck, that’s my oddball “intellectual” theory.) hence, it’s a nice combination. sakto lang at sapat.

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but of course that’s just plane baloney. it’s just me pretending to be intelligent and trying to make sense out of something i can’t explain. i mean, does the intended audiece of the ad even realize these, hence goad them more into buying the clock? i think not. unless it’s some underground formula for hypnotic persuasion.

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the more practical reasons came when i actually took my chance to search for it in the net and actually found some answers. i even found some that i think are more bizarre than mine. some explanations say that 10:10 makes for a subtle immortalization of historic events, like it was the time that john f. kennedy was shot, or martin luther or abraham lincoln, or whatever. what is this, some kind of clockwork epitaph?

the more practical, and believable, seems to be that the 10:10 formation makes for visual clarity of the company’s logo located at the center top. the theory is that it frames, or maybe highlights, the logo, and also creates a more balanced image of the clock. in some cases, it also avoids to obstruct the date function usually found at the 3 o clock or 9 o clock side.

the weirdest one is that 10:10 resembles a smiling image that then entices consumers. what?

for my next stupid question: do you still call an escalator/elevator as such even when it is going down?
*waiter! beer pa nga!*


3 thoughts on “the 10:10 conspiracy

  1. I don’t know anything about elevators or escalators.

    As for the clocks, good theories! Hmmm, is that the work of Starbucks in Siam Paragon?

    The beer is just five feet away from you. Kuha ka na.

  2. the “good” theories though were miles away though from the more plausible explanations, hehe.

    ayoko, mamaya inglesin mo na naman ako pag uminom ako.

  3. @ bimbo

    ah ganon ba? hehe. mas magaling ka sa akin mang-ingles eh. wala lang sapakan ha. laki mo eh, liit ko lang.

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